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Our offerings are intentionally cultivated  to provide you with the tools, guidance, and support needed to bring your ideas to life all while nurturing your holistic well-being.

here's how I help my clients cultivate:

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Project Management

I will be your companion as we create a road map that starts exactly where you're at and leads you to the vision that you have been dreaming of, and will soon embody.  On this creative adventure, we make space for the ebb and flow – that's where the magic happens. Here, we harmonize the masculine and the feminine, embracing both structure and intuition, to bring out the full spectrum of your creative potential. I will be by your side through the entire journey, from the initial spark of an idea to the exhilarating launch. I will support you in coordinating and completing the necessary deliverables for every milestone along the way, ensuring that your vision becomes a living, breathing reality."

Curation/Creative Direction

As your Curator and/or Creative Director, my canvas is vast, covering everything from the realms of digital branding and management to envisioning and coordinating your next  project launch and/or curating  luxury experiences. Just like crafting a masterpiece, this role allows me to weave together threads of creativity and strategic direction. I'm your artistic companion, ready to take your vision, whether it's an artful social media presence or the launch of grand expansion projects, and lead you from where you stand to where you dream of being.

The Art of Alignment 1-1

Welcome to your 1-1 Alignment Session, a transformative journey that leaves you feeling empowered and crystal clear about the path toward deeper alignment in your life. I will support you in reflecting on the current state of your life and connecting with your inner wisdom to receive guidance on what that alignment looks like But it doesn't end with insights alone. We'll work together to set intentions, carefully crafting the alignment you're calling in. More than that, we'll create the time and space you need within your present experience to take the deliberate actions required to embody the life you're longing for. Sounds like a recipe for success to me!

1-1 Consulting Session

Sometimes we just need to talk through things! I will your sounding board for you to talk through any ideas, decisions, frustrations, etc. that you may be experiencing at any stage in your creative/ entrepreneurial/ artistic journey. I will provide honest and objective feedback with an empathetic and kind delivery. 

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Conscious Artist, Creative, and/or Entrepreneur are ready to embody your creative vision and successfully bring your ideas to life
Innovative thought leader and world changer ready to be a part of creating a more balanced and sustainable paradigm and infrastructure for a thriving society
Visionary with big feelings and even bigger ideas who prioritizes your mental and emotional wellbeing 
Creative Overwhelm: You have a multitude of creative ideas but need support to turn them into tangible projects. Our Project Management service provide a structured roadmap to transform your creative vision into actionable steps.
Lack of Clarity: You're feeling lost and unsure about the direction of your creative endeavors. Our 1-1 Alignment Sessions is the compass that brings clarity to your goals and refines your creative focus.
Consistency Conundrum: If you're navigating the struggle of keeping your creative endeavors aligned, our service brings consistency, ensuring each project reflects your unique vision with a cohesive and curated touch.
Burnout and Stress: The demand for creativity has you feeling burnt out and stressed. Our services help you create balanced, manageable plans, and also support you in completing the deliverables so you can maintain your creative flow while preserving your mental, emotional, and energetic well-being.
Time Management Struggles: Finding enough time for your creative projects amidst a busy schedule is a constant challenge. Our services assist you in efficient time management and organization, using nature's cycles as a blueprint, ensuring you can pursue your creative passions without sacrificing your holistic well-being.
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