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The Art of Alignment 1-1

Available Online
  • 3 hours
  • 250 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

The Art of Alignment is a virtual intensive creation session where we will take a a full spectrum audit of the current state of our lives. During pt. 1 we will lovingly asses our current state of being in various areas of out life in comparison with our souls vision. Some of the areas we will explore could include our relationship with Self, partnerships, and career. During this time we will check in with our internal guide to receive intuitive guidance. During pt. 2 we will build awareness of our natural energetic constitution and the role it plays in our creative process. After all, this process of Alignment is simply an act of co-creation with the Universe we exist in. Once we have a grasp on our own energetic constitution we will use this information, paired with the overall energetics of the current season (from a Chinese Medicine Perspective), to develop a plan of consistent, sustainable action that will place us on a path to embody the vision we have cultivated for ourselves. You will leave this session with: A clear picture of where you are in your life as a whole A clear understanding and vision of the direction your spirit is calling you to move in A clear action plan to move you in the direction of your vision A clear understanding of the integration process for all of the above

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