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Wholeness Loved One,

Welcome to Grounded, an ever evolving safe space for all those who feel aligned to receive support on their journey to living well.

For us, living well means
cultivating a luxurious internal world in which we FEEL safe, well, and whole; so much so that it is reflected outwardly in our experiences.

Our community is made up of conscious creators, artists, and entrepreneurs with big feelings and even bigger ideas. We are here to assist you in embodying your creative vision for your life, art, and/or business. Here, creativity and wellness go hand in hand.

Our intention is to help you tend to your mental, emotional, and creative wellbeing using holistic wellness practices; so that you have the energetic stamina to see your ideas through from conception to actualization to maintenance & expansion. 

We invite you to prioritize your well-being and join our creative community in glowing from the inside out. 

Explore our holistic wellness 
offerings below



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Kimberley here! I am a student of love;
here to bridge the practical and the spiritual
so that we may all experience
internal and external alignment.

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