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Our offerings are here to assist you in embodying your creative vision for your life, art, and/or business. During these sessions we will support you in cultivating a lifestyle that prioritizes your mental, emotional, and creative wellbeing using holistic wellness practices.



This class gave me the tools, support and confidence to understand myself more. I let go of some limiting beliefs I have been holding onto and self-doubt. As a *formerly* overly critical person, this class kept reminding me to love myself where I'm at. Thank you Kim for creating space for me to do so!

Kimberley's meditation sessions always come to me in divine timing. They give me clarity in areas of my life that I desperately need it in. The sense of relief I feel is appreciated on every level. When I have a hard time centering myself, I always go back to my garden she helped me to acknowledge from within. I give thanks for her and what she does. Her sessions are always empowering.



(about The Art of Not Doing Too Much course)

"Kimberley’s guided mediations created a space for me to gather my thoughts and be more introspective and intentional. When I was contemplating a life shift, I opened up to her to get some clarity and she was willing to host a facilitated mediation to help me sort through my feelings...I was able to find resolve on some aspects I was working through and also flag things about myself that I needed to love on harder or handle with more care, ranging from bonding with my inner child, body image, and expressing gratitude"

Ok, so the meditation experience came at a time when I needed it most... I had been reaching out to my ex and looking for answers externally that I knew I couldn’t receive...The second I logged in I felt a relief from just hearing your voice, and hearing all the laughs. It was before I started Deepak's meditations so I wasn’t used to sitting in silence for long periods of time but I tapped in quickly with Kimberley's help. After a few minutes it took me to the silent space that I needed. It took me to the space of nothingness, of consciousness of reflection, the space of what matters, the space of soul.



While the knowledge that rests in our heart is always present, it’s rare that our mind, in all of its power-seeking embrace, ever quiets itself enough to allow this energy to guide. Kim’s meditation helps us sink into this sacred space, and with ease, her voice meets us wherever we are when we arrive. Safety, acceptance, perspective and connection. Observation, completeness, awareness and love. These are the words that come to my mind when I think back on the moments that Kim has led me down into my heart center. Repeating, with grace, “your mind screams while your heart whispers”, always sends a vibration that cannot be unheard. Her words never fail to match her composure—an energy that falls like an anchor on our collective vulnerabilities, ones that safely emerge in her presence. It is a knowingness of existence that resides in this space, with Kim. The unshakable familiarity with herself is clear, and yet she still guides with both the power of a healer and the humility of a student. These brief pauses in my day have consistently left me with a sense of community as much as self-love; embrace as well as freedom. Guided downward into my heart space, each time, I have left the meditation having heard the whispers of my heart that day.


I recommend this class to anyone who is struggling with life or if you just want to learn more about how to relax. Kimberley is an excellent instructor. She makes sure everyone understands the concepts and answers all of your questions before moving to the next level.

The best money I've ever recycled! I'm so grateful to have been a part of this course. Kim, you're an amazing instructor!


(about The Art of Not Doing Too Much course)


(about The Art of Not Doing Too Much course)

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