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wellness coach, space holder, & experience curator


I am a student of love doing her best to walk a path of balance.

This is my practice of devotion at this current point in my journey. 


My intention for this work is to share my the skills, insight, and love I have gained through my experiences with those who in a space to receive.  

My Story:

I came to this path in my early twenties through several experiences that reawakened me to my inner guidance and allowed me to rediscover the voice of my Spirit. I gained awareness of the disconnect between my external experiences and my internal state of being. Imagine having the freedom to travel the world, experience some of the most beautiful breathtaking sites, and connect with amazing people...and still being miserable on the inside. Though my life looked good on the outside, I was so weighed down by past trauma, anger, sadness, shame, and need for external validation (aka the side effects of lack of awareness of connection with Self, Source, & Nature).  I was out of alignment with what my Spirit knew I came here for.


Through a wild concoction of choice and circumstance, catalyzed by an experience of depression and heartache, I began my journey to understanding myself, loving myself, and being myself. Though this is a lifelong journey for me, I am at a point where I have learned through experience, study, and practice how to prioritize, cultivate, and maintain my spiritual well-being and alignment in such a way that I have been able to elevate my external reality in major ways. I feel called to share what I have learned through my experiences with those who feel resonant. I am a vessel for Spirit to activate those around me to reawaken their connection to their Self/Spirit and experience a life that feels good inside and out; to be WELL and WHOLE.

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