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-Kim Nicole | Holistic Creative Consultant- 
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(aka your holistic homegirl, aka your creative bestie, aka the dream doula)
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I've always been the girl who collects passion projects, side gigs, odd hobbies, and seemingly random experiences like they're rare gems (because, to me, they are)...
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Yup, thats me (the woman supporting creatives and entrepreneurs with big feelings, and even bigger ideas, to bring their impactful creative visions to life).
I bet you’re wondering how I got here...
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Calling all creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs! Experience the transformational journey of working with a Holistic Creative Consultant.


These creative services go beyond the typical consultant role. Together, we'll embark on a transformative journey, where I become your co-creative partner. I'll help you refine your vision, navigate project management, and craft unforgettable experiences that resonate with your audience.

I'm here to empower you in bringing your boldest visions for your creativity, business, and art to life.

Through our collaborative work you will feel empowered you to:

  • Transform your impactful idea into a strategic roadmap for a successful project launch (think business launch, music festival, retreat, or art exhibition).

  • Unleash your full creative potential, fostering a deep connection to your artistic essence.

  • Harmonize the practical aspects (project management) with the energetic flow of your creative vision, ensuring a holistic approach.

This journey will leave you feeling inspired, confident, and empowered to make a positive change through your project. Imagine walking a path illuminated by your own inner light, fueled by creativity and purpose.

So.... I invite you to take what you need:

You are not sure what your vision is or where your alignment is inviting you to go.
You are ready to become an active, intentional, and accountable co-creator of your experience.
You have the vision but aren't clear on what steps to take to embody it.
You are ready to
co-create a project road map and begin taking sustainable action.
You are already on the path and ready to expand your support network in order to expand your vision or scale your business. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!
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With me as your Holistic Creative Consultant, the emphasis is on HOLISTIC. My approach goes beyond just basic strategy. When we work together you're getting a creative companion who is not only an accountability partner, powerful creative and business strategist, and efficiency expert; but also someone supportive and empathetic, who understands the energetic flow, cycles, and seasons that influence the creative process.


We're all about practical spirituality over here - balancing the masculine the feminine and looking to nature as our blueprint.

 It's giving strategic planning with practical guidance, while also tapping into the natural cycles that fuel creative projects.


One minute I'll be reminding you of an upcoming project deliverable and the next I'll be excitedly sharing with you a download I intuitively received or asking you about your intentions for the full moon. It's about harnessing all aspects of your creativity for a powerful and impactful outcome.


Like This:

Like This:
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