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Wellness Coaching

glow from the inside out

  • 1 hour
  • From 75 US dollars
  • Virtual

Service Description

Grounded Wellness Coaching is a customized program to support you in glowing from the inside out by prioritizing your well-being. This is the foundation of Grounded’s philosophy of "Practical Spirituality": pairing your spiritual cultivation with practical integration in such a way that your external experiences begin to reflect your internal alignment. You will be introduced to various wellness concepts, tools, and techniques that align with your specific intentions. We will work together to create a plan of integration that takes into account your unique rhythms so that you can implement these practices in a way that works for YOU. The tools and practices that will be shared come from various holistic philosophies/spiritual traditions including (but not limited to) Yoga, Kemetic science, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and mindfulness. We will begin each session by setting our intention and doing a meditation to cultivate presence. From there, space will be held for you to share your current experiences and how you have been integrating what has been shared in previous sessions. The remainder of the session will be focused on either sharing new tools and techniques or reviewing diving deeper ones that have already been shared. We will close each session with a grounding exercise and setting an intention for what you want to focus on until the next session. This offering operates on a sliding scale. I ask that you exercise self-accountability and choose the option that most applies to you. * IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME RECEIVING GROUNDED WELLNESS COACHING YOU MUST BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL FIRST

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