Georgia: Tea Bath by Grounded
Georgia: Tea Bath by Grounded
Glow by Grounded Georgia Herbal Tea Bath
Glow by Grounded Georgia Self Care Tea Bath

Georgia: Tea Bath by Grounded

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Georgia: Tea Bath by Grounded

Bring the same soothing elements of a hot cup of tea to your bath time! The Georgia Tea Bath is intended to provide a bathing experience focused on quieting the mind. The spiritual and physical healing powers of a warm bath alone have been noted throughout history. The all-natural, handmade, herbal tea blend serves to further enhance the restorative properties of the bath and create a meditative experience.

|4 oz.| ingredients: dried rose petals, chamomile, sage

contains clear quartz crystal

How to Use: Add desired amount (rec. appx. 2 Tbsps) of Tea Bath into included tea bag. You may also add your healing crystal to the bag if you so choose. Hang bag on faucet and run water at desired temperature. When tub is filled place tea bag into water. No bath? no problem. Place product in tea bag and gently rub bag on skin while in the shower. For further grounding set intentions and/or repeat a mantra during your bath (ex. I unconditionally love and accept myself). Pair with the La Isla Bath Salts for the ultimate bathing experience. Sidenote: Herbs can be reused up to 3 times. Be sure to hang bag (and herbs if reusing) to dry between baths to prevent mold.


Check here for more tips on getting the most out of your bath.

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