ASTRAL PACK- Annual Subscription
ASTRAL PACK- Annual Subscription

ASTRAL PACK- Annual Subscription

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Astral Pack is a Zodiac Subscription Box. The intention behind this offering is to help you tune into and mindfully interact with the universal cosmic energies that are available to us. With this Astral Pack you will be better equipped to flow with the astrological energies that are gently guiding our daily life here on planet earth. Each month you will be given a box containing items that align with the nature and characteristics of that particular zodiac season. An example of such items are herbal blends, crystals, smudging tools, product samples, virtual classes and more!


The annual subscription includes:

  • Gemini Box
  • Cancer Box
  • Leo Box
  • Virgo Box
  • Libra Box
  • Scorpio Box
  • Sagittarius Box
  • Capricorn Box
  • Aquarius Box
  • Pisces Box

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