TAURUS ASTRAL PACK- 1 Month Subscription
TAURUS ASTRAL PACK- 1 Month Subscription

TAURUS ASTRAL PACK- 1 Month Subscription

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Taurus is the second sign in the zodiac. Taurus season this year is from April 20th to May 20th. This fixed sign slows us down and gives us an opportunity to cultivate our harvest. Being ruled by venue, Taurus loves beauty, luxury, food, and art. Being an earth sign, Taurus has a strong need for security and is slow to change, patient, practical, and reliable. The sign of taurus rules the neck when it comes to the physical body. This Taurus season will bring with it a new moon in Taurus and full moon in Scorpio. The Taurus Astral Pack will contain:

  • Plant Based meal plan w/ recipes
  • Taurus herbal blend
  • Taurus energy healing crystal
  • Moon intention setting kit
  • Virtual Taurus yoga session
  • other surprise goodies
The Taurus Astral Pack will help you to honor and utilize Taurus energy to its fullest capacity no matter what your sign is. It will also make the perfect gift for any Taurus sun, moon, and rising people in your life!

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