Peace all,

Kim here. Thanks so much for visiting Grounded. I hope you find something here that helps you along on your own journey.

My ultimate goal for this lifetime is to learn unconditional love for ALL things; to really love my neighbor as myself. In order to truly love my neighbor, I had to first learn love to love myself.

Loving myself was something that I struggled with for the majority of my life. It was through self-care practices that I was able to learn to love and heal myself from a very deep pain. From my desire to know and share love, Grounded was conceived. 

I created Grounded to encourage and show you how to really love and invest in yourself. Grounded is for anyone who feels like they love others more than they love themselves. For anyone who has ever looked in the mirror and been unhappy with what they saw. For those who maintain toxic relationships because it is better than the alternative of being alone. For people who can so clearly see the light in others but struggle to see their own. For people who struggle with feelings of loneliness and worthlessness. If any of these resonate with you then Grounded is my love letter to you. 

Through Grounded I aim to share my experiences with self- care and how it transformed me. Ultimately, I see a world where we ALL experience the limitless love that exists in ourselves and all things. 

I am always down to connect with people so reach out to me anytime here.