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This space is a hub for YOU the conscious creator, artist, and/or entrepreneur to connect with  creative tools and offerings to help you go from


within your creative endeavours

FREE Weekly Plan-It Guide

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Juggling work, creativity, and personal life? You're not alone! Many creatives and entrepreneurs struggle with time management. But what if the problem isn't time scarcity, but how you use it?

This guide offers a framework for holistic weekly planning, ensuring you create time for all aspects of life - work, play, and essential rest (naps included!)

By understanding the subtle energies (think planetary influences according to tropical astrology), you can align your activities/tasks with the natural flow of the week.

This guide is just a taste of the insights you'll find in the Naturally Aligned Notion Template/Ebook!


It empowers you to:

  • Master your time with a holistic planning approach

  • Embrace natural rhythms to optimize your workflow

  • Bring your creative vision to life with focused action

It's time to bring your ideas to life, embody your creative vision, and turn thought into action! Get your copy of this freebie today!

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2024 Naturally Aligned Notion Planner/Ebook

I created the Naturally Aligned Planner & Ebook just for you!

This powerful resource offers a wealth of information on harnessing the power of natural cycles to fuel your creative journey. Learn how to align with abundant energies and transform ideas into action.

Here's what sets this guide apart:

  • Harness Natural Cycles: Discover how lunar phases, planetary influences, and seasonal shifts can empower your creative process.

  • Interactive Notion Template: Plan and learn simultaneously with this interactive Notion template, seamlessly intertwined with the ebook so you can plan as you learn.

  • Turn Ideas into Action: Go beyond inspiration - set powerful intentions and craft a roadmap to bring your creative vision to life.

Make 2024 the year you stop talking and start creating! Get your Naturally Aligned Planner & Ebook today!

​Are you bursting with creative ideas but never know where to start?


Do find yourself missing opportunites because time sneaks up on you?


Are you a conscious creator, artists, and/or entrepreneur who could use support organizing your ideas so you can bring them to life???​

What You'll Get:

What You'll Experience:

  • Customizable Notion planner template

  • Template tour & Notion tutorial video

  • Embedded Ebook on how to sync your creative process with different natural cycles/ rhythms

  • Clarity about the direction of your creative visions

  • Confidence in your ability to bring your visions to life

  • Consistency and efficiency in working towards your goals without the stress of the typical hustle and grind.

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Cultivating community is a core part of the mission and values of Grounded. We believe in engaging in win-win, aligned, and reciprocal, collaborations with fellow holistcally creative brands and businesses within our community. Tap in with our partners and their amazing offerings to take your business and creative projects to the next level <3


SomeFlowers provides "Intentional Web Design  that encourages your brand to exist online more holistically and unapologetically," with the Website-in-a- Day Service (yes, you read that right- ONE DAY) & their vibrantly designed website templates and restyling offering.
Use my referral code (GLOWBYGROUNDED10) to receive 10% off your services with this dynamic duo.

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"We put a vibrant, intuitive, and colorful content + websites for brands and creatives driven by purpose. Rooted in intentional design, we build binge-worthy online spaces that mirror your essence while contributing to the greater good of humanity and our planet."

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