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I've always been the girl who collects passion projects, side gigs, odd hobbies, and seemingly random experiences like they're rare gems (because, to me, they are)

It wasn't until I claimed my role as a Holistic Creative Consultant that I realized all these random (and sometime questionable) side quests had a divine purpose - to create a toolkit overflowing with skills & know how to integrate holistic practices, emotional & energetic awareness, clarity, ease, and fulfillment into the creative process. 

Now I support my fellow feelers and visionaries (cause first of all we can do BOTH) in bridging the practical and the playful,  and following nature's blueprint for creation; to move from the idea phase into the "wow I dreamed of this and now I'm living it" phase. All while honoring our emotions, protecting our peace of mind, and making space for rest. 

So, let's take a GROUNDED (you see what I did there?) yet adventurous journey together into the creative jungle, and I promise - I'll be your trusty companion, sharing a good laugh and unwavering support along the way.

Our external experiences are. a reflection of our internal state of being. To shift our exeriences we must shift our internal world

Movement: dancing, yoga, pilates

Jiu Jitsu




Herbal Crafting,

Jean Michel Basquiat,

Robert Adams

Kanye West (dont cancel me lol),

Issa Rae,

Tash Sultana,

Willow Smith,

Axel Voorvoodt

Rebecca Sugar,

The Council of Women

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