Taurus Season 2019 Forecast

Kimberley Clemonts

This Taurus season, we are being given the opportunity to learn true love of self. When we love ourselves unconditionally, we are able to stay Grounded in all that we do. This is what Taurus season is intent on teaching us. We will have many opportunities throughout the season to cultivate this love of self.  One opportunity we will have is by experiencing a change in our outward circumstances that will influence change in how we value ourselves and things that are important to us. It is how we navigate this change that will make all the difference.

Another part of this grounding process will allow us to tap into and release feelings of deep anger that have been suppressed. Often times, anger is a defense mechanism to protect a wound coming from some form of deep hurt or sadness. Our anger builds up a sense of false security to keep us from being hurt as we have been in the past. During Taurus season we will begin to become conscious of how anger causes blockages in our life that make it difficult for us to go with the flow and be flexible. This is because anger is a form of avoidance of what is truly troubling us. The source of this deep anger will finally be brought to our awareness. With this awareness, we will now have the opportunity to heal and flow past these blockages. This is the time to ask ourselves, am I ready to sacrifice a sense of false security for true security grounded in self-love? Changing these thought patterns that have habitually formed around these anger blockages will transform the way we love ourselves. Although these thought patterns may be resistant to change, the mind itself is ready to expand. Although for some, anger is viewed as an undesirable emotion, with a change of our perspective we can see how anger, and all undesirable emotions and circumstances for that matter, ultimately can be a guide to expanding our spiritual wisdom. 

Once we have begun to heal our anger, mental space will be freed up for us to focus more on unconditional love. With this, we will begin to feel more Grounded in ourselves.  This change of focus will also allow us to be more aware of the unconditional love that is already flowing abundantly in our lives. Often on this spiritual journey, when huge shifts occur within ourselves we are presented with old lessons to navigate in a new way. This may be the case this Taurus season. The Universe will support us through this and provide us with the ability to stay Grounded during this lesson instead of acting according to old patterns of behavior. This will allow us to transform this old pattern into a new way of being. The energy that once was exerted on remaining angry, can now be used as fuel to help us more passionately love ourselves and the things we value.

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