Gemini Forecast

Kimberley Clemonts

This Gemini season we will experience a desire to move into a new space of greater abundance and love. This will require a transformation of our minds. Transformation is a process and we must go on a journey to reach this space. Communication will be a focus along this journey as Gemini is the sign of communication. This Gemini season we are being given a chance to see how we communicate with ourselves through our own thoughts. If we think of our lives as a movie, our thoughts are the narrator. If we allow them, our thoughts dictate how we see our movie.  We respond to this communication by giving these thoughts attention and also by forming beliefs around them. Part of this transformative journey is letting go of beliefs that are blocking the flow of love and abundance in our lives.

These abundance blocking beliefs are the ones that tell us that we are not worthy or deserving of the abundance and love that we desire. The ones that tell us that we are alone and no one cares about us. For a lot of us, these beliefs are very deep-rooted and stemming from childhood experiences. This season, our childhood will come into our awareness and we will be able to identify some of these beliefs and where they came from. Once we do this, we will be presented with opportunities to begin to transform these thought patterns.

We will be able to break down these mental walls of self-doubt and criticism by focusing our attention on the frequency of unconditional love for ourselves. This unconditional love especially must include even the parts of ourselves that these thoughts are stemming from

Another part of this journey will be recognizing that a lot of these thoughts and beliefs are stemming from the shadow side of our ego. When the ego feels unfulfilled, it begins to plant seeds of lack in our minds. It causes us to play the victim and not see and take control of the power we have to change our circumstances. When we focus our attention on this illusion of lack, it begins to manifest into our experiences and block our abundance. Some of us have gotten stuck in this illusion. Though we desire to move into spaces of abundance, our ego has us trapped in a loop of victimization. We become rigid and inflexible cutting ourselves off from abundance with seeks to FLOW. We take on a sense of entitlement and feel like the things we desire must manifest in a specific way. So much so that sometimes what we desire is right in front of us and we don’t even recognize it. 

This season we will be given the opportunity and the spark necessary to break out of these thought patterns and shift our perspective. We will begin to learn how to be more flexible with our thoughts. It is the time to tune into that voice deep in the back of our head and see what illusions it is building. We must take accountability for ourselves and stop playing the victim in order to reconnect with our internal power and manifest our best lives. Saying counter affirmations to these negative beliefs that you may discover is a great way to start reprogramming your thoughts and beliefs. 

In addition to how we communicate with ourselves, this season we will evolve in how we communicate with others. We all have heard the saying “think before you speak.” As part of our evolution, we are now being asked to FEEL before we speak. A lot of conflict in communication occurs because we speak from an emotional space. Many times, this causes us to project our emotional energy onto the other party in the form of blame or criticism. The conversation is then spent passing this energy back and forth. This keeps solutions and understanding from being found. When we take time to feel our emotions, discover what the real root of our emotions is, and take accountability for our own ego and triggers, then we are able to engage in have productive, clear communication.

Be patient with yourself during this time. Gemini season will be only the beginning of this journey. Transformation does not happen overnight. Especially when a lot of these thought patterns have been conditioned into us since childhood. Just set your intentions and have faith that the necessary changes will occur to open you up to unconditional love.  

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