Aries Season 2019 Forecast

Kimberley Clemonts

Happy Cosmic New Year and welcome to Aries Season! 

This Aries season is all about balance so it’s only right that it’s starting off with a full moon in Libra AND the Spring Equinox. 

During the beginning of the season, our focus will be on learning how can we apply sustained effort in our relationships with ourselves and others without getting into a rut. We will be given opportunities to expand our higher mind and cultivate a strong sense of self. These qualities will be beneficial to us in learning healthy detachment which is necessary for freedom and independence within our relationships. As the mercury retrograde comes to an end during this time, we are ready to let go of old programming of traditional ideas of relationships and replace them with new ones based in unconditional love.

The unknown nature of new beginnings can sometimes cause apprehension, especially when it comes to things we hold dear. We are learning to accept that which is unknown by relying on faith. We must accept the limits on our logic and understand that there are some experiences in life that only our intuition can guide us through. This can be difficult when we have been conditioned to rely too heavily on the mind and its reasoning.

The interaction between the sun and Saturn provides an opportunity for rebirth and to stand in the light of our most authentic selves in all areas of our lives, most notably within our careers. This Aries energy creates space for one to redefine and make necessary career changes. The faith and proper timing that has been being built during the beginning of the season will come in handy here as career changes can often cause fear. Use your faith to give you the confidence to step into the unknown (WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT) and follow your heart. Unwavering faith, paired with discipline from Saturn will ensure your success. 

In the later part of Aries season, our focus will shift from our internal world and close relationships to how we relate to the entire collective consciousness. Earlier in the month, we learned how to apply sustained effort without getting into a rut within our individual relationships. It is now time to experience this same lesson together within our entire collective consciousness. The way to do this is to redefine our perspective on what effort is. While mars wants to act and move within the physical realm, Neptune in Pisces reminds us that in order to truly bring about change, it is in the more subtle realms that the effort must be applied. This is action in stillness. The majority of the work is to be done within. Through mindfulness, we are able to tap into the subconscious and apply our effort internally. This is a more efficient way to use our energy and as such allows us to sustain this effort for longer periods than when physical energy is being exerted. 

During the end of Aries season, Pluto in Capricorn destroys all that is left of our false sense of security and teaches us to find security in the higher power that lives within all of us. This lesson may appear as tension in the beginning. Keep your cool though as it will eventually subside and the opportunity to integrate all of these lessons will appear before the season is over. 

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